Yesterday’s thunders and rain took me to my childhood memories of Indian monsoons.

It all starts with faint earthly smell of rain before it hits the parched soil!

Pitter patter rain, soft drizzles, rumbling thunders, lightening, downpour, hail, endless days of rain,

Of my brother and me jumping in every…

As I retreat to my inner self, I was taken to a vast lush green pasture. I opened my eyes to see a panorama of a beautiful meadow. Suddenly I heard horses galloping next to a picket fence so did my heart race in rhythm with rapid equine footsteps. I…

The child of mine, unborn yet!

My beautiful, precious child whom I yet to hold,

Those tiny fingers and tiny toes — twenty in all,

those curly locks, thick, black long curls!

pink fresh lips when you pout look just like mine,

mesmerizing eyes with long eye lashes just like…

Oh summers of my childhood, how I long for you!

Holidays and more holidays, free time and fun time,

the joy of no study and only play, no to textbooks, yes to storybooks,

book fairs and stash of Nancy Drews, Malory towers and Enid Blyton books,

Supandi, tintin, chacha chowdari…

sparrows chirping, pigeons cooing waiting for me to refill the bird feeder,

blue jays loud jeers from my neighbor’s Mahogany tree, flying over our yard to another neighbor’s tree,

an occasional bird flying randomly from one tree to another,

a robin couple searching diligently for worms in the lawn,



A mom, amateur photographer, nature lover.

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